B-Complex - Three Dots

Yesterday I learned The Office Theme and the Keyboard Cat on keyboard! I believe I'm still a little kid.
No idea how I pulled it off tho, since I was half blind after visiting the optometrist. The only thing I was able to do, was play Rythm Paradise on the DS.
And finding out I have the Aladdin theme song on my keyboard.

Boring sunday, was planning to see Moke at an outdoor concert today, but I can't go in the sun all day because of the eyes thingy. My eyes have never been bigger than this and they are huge at their regulair size already.

There is a master key and a spare key for the office. Dwight has them both. When I asked, "What if you die Dwight, how will we get into the office?" He said, "If I'm dead, you guys have been dead for weeks."

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